A company is only as good as its employees

With the same care and conscientiousness with which we at TRICOM GROUP plan and realise our projects and building projects, we would also like to advise and support interested parties. However, since this is not part of our core competence, we have exclusively and independently commissioned a competent marketing company to sell, manage and rent our properties.

Excellence in the property business derives from more than just completing a transaction. Only when all parties are happy with the purchase and sale process, is a business transaction truly successful and can be deemed a win-win situation for all parties involved. Committed to these values, VALUE ADDED PROPERTY’s dedicated team is delighted to assist you in all TRICOM related matters in a very professional, binding and responsible manner so that all your questions and concerns are dealt with in the fastest and most professional way.

The BHHS team is with you all the way. We give you informed and professional information, help with the necessary paper work for the authorities and do all we can to assist you with your dream property even after the key is handed over.

Our team