Reliable partner and many years of experience

The TRICOM Development Group develops and completes residential and holiday properties ready for occupation in the premium sector. We combine project ideas, location and capital to create competitive, sustainable, socially and environmentally sound property projects. The service provision covers everything from location development, project assessment and project maximisation through to consultancy services.

Property development
The careful weighing up of chances and risks forms the basis for the development of new property. We define the purpose of the particular property, analyse the influencing factors and check the feasibility of the project. That way, we create outstanding and sustainable results with our buildings.

Performance spectrum

  • Purchase and securing of plots of land
  • Analysis of markets and needs
  • Development of property strategy
  • Design of pocket of land and project development
  • Calculation of market value
  • Marketing of property

New builds
Our core expertise is market-oriented project development based on professional land analysis, property assessment and acquiring land. Our multi-disciplinary management team merges land, project ideas and capital to make even the most demanding projects successful.

Performance spectrum new build

  • Checking projects for their feasibility
  • Calculation and optimising of building projects
  • Initiating, planning and leading projects to completion
  • Completing complex projects with expert partners
  • Attending customers after handover

Conversion and renovation
Our many years of experience and professional project management guarantee property values are maintained and rise in a sustainable way. Expert advice and close co-operation between all partners involved form the basis for top quality and completion on time and on budget, be it for conversion or renovation.

Performance spectrum conversion and renovation

  • Survey and assessment of properties
  • Checking projects for their feasibility
  • Development of conversion projects
  • Calculation of returns on property
  • Calculation and optimising of building projects
  • Completion of projects with expert partners
  • Attending customers after handover