Discipline and passion are the foundations of success

All activities of the TRICOM GROUP are coordinated by the management and investment managers of the Swiss parent company. Together they are responsible for acquisition, project development and implementation. They thus cover the real estate value chain, which consists of 3 main areas:

Acquisition: Identification and acquisition of new projects and existing properties. Working closely with the their partner property consultants, they identify targets and select the best properties.

Development: Project development and revitalization planning of existing properties through to construction readiness. We employ architects and project managers who are responsible for the planning. Work requiring specific expertise, such as topographical and geological surveys, is outsourced on a case-by-case basis.

Implementation: Projects from the start of construction. We employ project managers for this purpose. During the implementation phase, they act as client representatives for the contractors and designers.

An exclusive marketing company is responsible for the sale, management and leasing of properties and inventories, as well as project marketing and PR. Their role is to look after existing and new buyer groups, to support national and international broker networks and to be present at the location of the respective properties for sale. For both sales and rentals, we work with specialized, established brokerage firms.